Audit and Assurance

  • Basic

    $4000 / project

  • Basic business management consulting
  • Basic consulting about starting your business
  • Cca 5 days project duration
  • For small business owners
  • Standard

    $8000 / project

  • Business management consulting
  • Tax consulting, management consulting
  • Cca 12 days project duration
  • For medium business owners
  • Advanced

    $12000 / project

  • Complete business management consulting
  • Tax consulting, mergers and acquisitions, ...
  • Cca 30 days project duration
  • For large business owners

Management consulting services


We work project by project basis set by fixed fees. Please browse around and pick the package that best fit your needs.


Audit and Assurance

In a fast growing industry, the right auditing company is always important. Just by our guidance, you can improve your business and industry.

Big Tree will help you create more value from your business and mitigate risk.

Activities and results:

  • Financial Reporting

    Financial reporting has specific requirement depending on your business location. Big Tree will help you solve and deal with complexity of financial reporting.

  • Accounting advisory

    Weather you are global, international company or a small business owner, We will help you recognize the risks and opportunities specific for your business.

  • Revenue Recognition

    Our firm will guide you through new revenue recognition standard, that will take effect on all industry sectors in US.


Global Expansion

Any global challenges you may be facing, we will help you achieve your goals in the international markets. Big Tree is here to help you realize the market potential on a global scale.

You will need tax experts, advisors, and the ins and outs of the local industry and markets when it comes to foreign expansion. Our team of professional advisors will help in your endeavors and future hardships.

Activities and results:

  • Global Strategy Development

    We will guide you through understanding of risks and opportunities on global market and craft a strategy that will reduce the risks and highlight opportunities.

  • Global Market Analysis

    To fully understand opportunities and risks of a global market you need to make deep market analysis. Using our expert knowledge, We will analyze potential markets in corelation with your strategy and business goals.

  • Market Entry Strategy Development

    After analyzing your potential markets, Big Tree will guide your through market entry strategy development by defining organizational structure and time frame with clear objectives and metrics.


Strategy and Growth

Defining your business goals is very important. Big Tree LLP can help defining your goals with crystal clarity and effective strategies to get there. Our deep market assesment and team of consultants will give you the insight you need to navigate through deep waters.

We will help you to constantly reinvent your business to keep you in competitive market race. We will help you define your vision, mission and organization functions and process that will support them and that is in line with your corporate strategy.

Activities and results:

  • Competitive Corporate Strategy Definition

    We will guide you in definition of corporate strategy that will be aligned to your company's long term vision and goals. The resulting strategy will be clear and flexible enough to allow reinventing your business and innovations and deliver increased value to your customers.

  • Market Assessment

    Big Tree will guide you through market assessment process and provide you with tools and knowledge to identify rapidly changing market trends and steps for aligning your strategy to avoid risks and recognize new business opportunities.

  • Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility

    Our firm will help you to embed sustainability efforts in your core business and give you clear understanding of return of investment by investing in this approach.

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