How to create an automated marketing campaign

  • November 20, 2018

    Creating a marketing campaign does not have to be that hard. You can actually track your results and run an effective marketing campaign if you know what to do and if you know what kind of tools to use.

    A website that converts

    A website is the most essential part of your marketing arsenal. Most people don’t use their website to its fullest potential because they don’t know how to.

    It’s not a one time thing where you put in your company information and that’s it. The more you blog and the more information you put on there regarding your niche and business topic, you can actually improve your business and revenue.

    WordPress as some of you may know is the most commonly used platform for building websites and intergrating it with marketing tools such as Hubspot CRM, Google Analytics, Mailchimp and all other host of applications.

    Google Analytics

    If you are not already tracking your traffic, then you better start doing it today. There are always things to improve on the website, so there are different methods of testing what is more effective. Before running a full campaign, you can create different versions of a landing page and send it equal amount of traffic and see on which version people interact with it more.

    When you integrate Google Analytics you can actually see how long people visit your site, and whether they open up new tabs and interact with your company website.

    Hubspot CRM

    Hubspot CRM is an amazing tool which you can use for free to track your leads and the people who visit your website. Once you have created a landing page, you can offer them an opt-in option where they can download certain resources for free such as an eBook or a newsletter subscription.

    Once you have a lead in your CRM, you can start personalizing your marketing campaign towards what they like and what they are more interested in. It gives your salespeople certain points to bring up during calls and conversations.


    Once you have a lead in your CRM, you can then export those leads into Mailchimp or any other automatic emaling software that allows you to make money while you sleep.

    There are different emailing campaigns which you can use. There is an email blast to everyone who subscribed to your newlsetter. While this not personalized, it does get some result.

    However, if you really want to start getting more results with emaling campaigns, you need to start personalizing your list and segmenting groups of people into the appropriate category, which does require more effort.

    Putting it all together

    Once you have everything set in place, you just need to run a facebook or google ad that will get things started. The ads will drive traffic to your website and if you made a good landing page, you will start getting leads. Those leads will then be exported to an email marketing campaign that sends emails to those leads without you having to touch anything. And there is your automated marketing machine.

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